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Posted by Admin on January, 02, 2023

Natural bentonite clay has a delicate, silky texture and is produced by bentonite lumps manufacturers. In the presence of water, it turns into a slurry.Some individuals use this paste as a hair mask or for medical or aesthetic purposes including treating rashes and acne.

People have employed bentonite clay for hundreds of years to remove toxins from the body and skin contaminants like oils.Many cosmetic products include bentonite clay, but some people also add it to meals or beverages to aid with digestion or flush out impurities.

The benefits of bentonite clay for health have been the subject of several research, the bulk of which used cell or animal models. Before scientists can pinpoint the precise benefits and drawbacks of bentonite clay in individuals, more study is necessary.

In this article, we'll look at the evidence for and against bentonite clay's alleged health advantages.

It Could Aid In Heavy Metal Removal From The Body

The strong adsorptiveness of bentonite clay, which allows it to attract positively charged ions like a magnet both topically (this is why your face mask is so effective!) and inside, is the basis for many of the clay's claimed advantages.

Clay granules carry a negative electric charge. According to some research, bentonite, which has a negative charge, can attach to substances like heavy metals and free radicals. Which are supposed to have a positive charge, and help remove them from the body.

It Could Encourage Healthy Digestion

People have reported using bentonite to treat everything from acid reflux to gastrointestinal discomfort to bloating and gas. This makes sense given that kaolin (another type of clay) was once commonly used in stomach-soothing medications like Rolaids and Maalox. Anecdotes of bentonite's effects on digestion are abundant.

Although some people claim that a decrease in IBS may be related to improvements in the health of the gut lining, it is unknown why bentonite is good for the digestive system.

Animal studies have shown that bentonite clay has anti-parasitic properties, which may be helpful for digestive problems. For instance, a more evident explanation for heartburn relief is that bentonite clay minerals like calcium and magnesium have acid-neutralizing properties.

It Could Aid In The Prevention Of Harmful Bacterial Infections:

Serious bacterial infections like MRSA, a kind of staph that is antibiotic-resistant, are not something to take lightly. It can result in everything from sepsis and skin infections to pneumonia and bloodstream infections, according to the CDC. Bentonite clay, however, could be able to help where traditional medicine is unable to.

Researchers from Arizona State University wanted to examine the antibacterial properties of smectite clay minerals, which include bentonite clay.On a variety of bacteria that were both drug-resistant and nonresistant to drugs.

Clay has the potential to be used in the development of treatments for illnesses caused by antibiotic resistance.Even though scientists have not yet discovered the exact mechanism by which it kills bacteria.

It Has Been Demonstrated To Calm And Shield Skin:

Clay has historically been used mostly topically, such as by applying moist clay mud to an illness, odd rash, or insect bite. Studies have shown the soothing and protective properties of bentonite.

A lotion containing bentonite clay is effective at eradicating or lessening the severity of poison ivy.When applied to the skin before coming into contact with the itch-causing chemical urushiol found in poison ivy. Persistent dermatitis was successfully treated with the same lotion containing bentonite.

Allergies And Skin Issues

Animal feed bentonite powder can calm and chill the body both inside and externally owing to a variety of skin issues brought on by toxins and immunological responses.

Many different bacteria and fungi that might result in skin issues are removed internally by bentonite clay, including candida Albicans. It could facilitate histamine clearance from the gut. When the aforementioned detox is required, clay can help to keep the kidney and liver functioning properly.

Digestion Issues

By boosting gut flora and clearing out harmful contaminants, clay can have a positive effect on the digestive system.


For EPI's diet, adding clay can be beneficial, especially if the stools are loose and unclean. Due to pancreatitis, the pancreas is inflamed and produces fewer enzymes than it should.In a trial using montmorillonite clay, diarrhoea boosted the synthesis of gut mucosal and animal digestive enzymes.

Support For Liver And Kidneys

The liver and kidneys may both operate well when supported with bentonite. Here are two examples of how it may help.

Bentonite, a natural phosphate binder, is an essential treatment for renal disease. Because bentonite clay contains extra phosphates and urea that the kidneys do not expose, it can significantly improve your pet's health by increasing appetite and energy levels.

Immune Assistance

Bentonite clay is known to aid digestion, which houses around 70% of the immune system. Though bentonite is known to be a good detoxifier, it is also linked to cancer. It has been demonstrated that bentonite inhibits the growth of human cancer cell lines U251.

Removal of Toxins in General

Initially, clay was always thought of as a detoxifier. In the end, it alleviates many of the aforementioned issues due to its detoxifying. Because it is negatively charged, bentonite clay draws in and eliminates contaminants that are naturally positively charged.


Bentonite helps to dehydrate the body, bind intestinal parasites, and then pull those parasites out of the body. Clay might also be used externally to suffocate and eliminate parasites in your pet. Dry powder or wet clay paste can be applied on a pet's coat for a length of time. Just to let you know, people, things may become nasty.

Last Words

Due to its strong absorptive properties and reputation for digestive tract cleansing, bentonite lumps by bentonite lumps manufacturers may effectively eliminate heavy metals, medications, allergies, and other pollutants from both people and animals.

The removal of pesticides, pollutants, and heavy metals, as well as the improvement of digestion. The treatment of a wide range of illnesses, including allergies, dental plaques, giardia, arthritis, and more, are additional benefits.

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